Hello and welcome

Thanks for visiting my site I hope you enjoy my images.

I am a amateur photographer that listened when an expert said "you will not get the photos you want unless you turn the dial off point and shoot". So I did. Then challenged myself to shooting 3-4 times a week for a year. The Colorado and New Mexico images are the result of the challenge that I set for myself.

Clearly, my focus is Wildlife. My preference has always been "fur before feathers". My goal is to not disturbed the wildlife. I don't want them nervous, to stop eating, to stop nursing or to change their direction of travel. I will opt to miss the shot if it means that I will fail at those goals.

To my Barn Hunt folks thanks for the opportunity and the extreme challenge of photographing your event! Extreme lighting, obstacles, dirt, limits as to where and how I can shoot,,, whew! My goal going in is to try to get images of all the participants. If I missed you I was blowing the hay off my camera, running my own pups, or just couldn't pull it off. For those purchasing images for yourself or for a friend as a gift the coffee mugs are pure fun! I love my own pup on a mug in the morning it brings a smile to my face.

Many blessings to you and yours. Sharing and likening images are very welcome,,, :-)