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Hello and welcome

Thanks for visiting my site I hope you enjoy my images.

I am a amateur photographer that listened when an expert said "you will not get the photos you want unless you turn the dial off point and shoot". So I did. Then challenged myself to shooting 3-4 times a week for a year. The images from 2015-2016 represent that challenge. 

I am a part time New Mexican and part time Colorado resident. I am a full time lover of hairy four legged animals both domestic and wild. Mother Earth, nature and its furry critters are my happy place. My goal is that the wildlife always stays at ease. I have found immense joy in my self education of the behavior, habits and humor of the animals I enjoy. 

I continue to set both short and long term goals for my photography. As a newbie I have hits and misses but hopefully always learning, increasing my skill set and challenging myself.

Many blessings to you and yours. 


Deena Marie